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Blackstone Launchpad Ideas Competition 2022

Blackstone Launchpad Ideas Competition 2022

Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition

Nine CUNY colleges are offering students from all majors the chance to compete for cash prizes and a national stage for their idea through the Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition!

The competition, which awards preliminary prizes of $1,000 and a grand prize of $10,000, can transform an idea into reality. Blackstone Launchpad helps students, especially those from marginalized or underrepresented backgrounds, start a business venture and discover their entrepreneurial mindset. Students can work with like-minded peers around the world, network and build professional relationships with mentors, faculty, business partners and schools to help them succeed. Current and future programming includes workshops, clubs, competitions, panels, boot camps, classes, internships and more.

Taking Home The Prize

Jessica Brewington, Lehman College, 2025 Graduate was one of the four winners from Lehman College- Ideas Competition in 2022. "It felt like taking home a Grammy" I said when they called my name as the winner of the preliminary round. Due to me winning first place I've secured a spot for the grand prize for a startup grant. We won with this original idea and will press forward onto the grand prize. Thank you Lehman College for this opportunity!


Jessica Brewington 

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