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Examples of Sustainable Construction Projects Around the World

Examples of Sustainable Construction Projects Around the World

Posted on June 2nd, 2023

In today's construction industry, sustainable practices are gaining momentum as companies prioritize environmental responsibility. As a construction material wholesaler, we at Quiick Briick Inc understand the importance of showcasing inspiring examples of sustainable construction projects around the world.

In this blog post, we will explore three remarkable companies that are leading the way in sustainable construction: Conceptos Plasticos, GJENGE Makers, and ByFusion. These companies demonstrate innovative approaches to construction that prioritize sustainability, and their projects serve as inspiring models for future sustainable construction initiatives.

Conceptos Plasticos

Conceptos Plasticos, a company based in Colombia, is revolutionizing the construction industry by tackling two significant challenges: plastic waste and affordable housing. They have developed a unique method of recycling plastic waste and transforming it into building materials. By collecting and processing plastic waste, such as bottles and containers, they create modular blocks that can be assembled to build houses, schools, and other structures.

The benefits of Conceptos Plasticos' approach are multifold:

  1. Addressing the global issue of plastic pollution by repurposing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans.
  2. Providing an affordable solution for housing in underserved communities.
  • The modular blocks are lightweight, easy to assemble, and cost-effective.
  • Enables the construction of sturdy and comfortable structures at a fraction of the cost of traditional building materials.

Moreover, Conceptos Plasticos' approach empowers local communities through job creation and skills development. They involve community members in the construction process, providing training and employment opportunities. This not only enhances the economic well-being of the community but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the sustainable buildings they help create.


GJENGE Makers, based in Kenya, is addressing the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste while simultaneously providing affordable building materials. They specialize in converting plastic waste, particularly plastic bags, into sustainable construction products such as plastic poles. These poles are strong, durable, and weather-resistant, making them suitable for various construction applications.

The impact of GJENGE Makers' work is substantial:

  • Diverting plastic waste from landfills and waterways, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Offering construction materials as an alternative to traditional timber, reducing deforestation and promoting sustainable resource management.
  • Providing plastic poles with a longer lifespan than timber, making them a more durable and sustainable choice for construction projects.

GJENGE Makers' initiatives also have a positive social impact. Through their work, they create employment opportunities for local communities, particularly for women and youth. By involving community members in the collection, processing, and production of plastic poles, GJENGE Makers empower individuals and communities to become active participants in the sustainable construction industry.


ByFusion, based in California, addresses the global challenge of plastic waste pollution while providing a solution for the construction industry. They have developed a technology called "RePlast," which transforms plastic waste into a durable and sustainable building material. RePlast can be used to create modular blocks, similar to traditional concrete blocks, which are suitable for various construction applications.

ByFusion's technology offers several significant advantages:

  • Alleviating the plastic waste crisis by repurposing non-recyclable plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators.
  • Producing RePlast blocks that are environmentally friendly, as they require no additional binders or adhesives.
  • Reducing the need for traditional construction materials and the associated carbon emissions.

Furthermore, ByFusion's approach enables faster and more cost-effective construction. The modular blocks are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in construction projects. They also have excellent insulating properties, reducing energy consumption and creating more energy-efficient buildings. ByFusion's innovative technology paves the way for sustainable construction practices and demonstrates the immense potential of repurposing plastic waste.


The examples of sustainable construction projects showcased here, including Conceptos Plasticos, GJENGE Makers, and ByFusion, highlight the immense potential of sustainable construction practices. These companies demonstrate that sustainable solutions are not only environmentally beneficial but also economically viable and socially empowering.

As a construction material wholesaler committed to sustainability, we at Quiick Briick are inspired by these examples and strive to provide our customers with sustainable building materials. If you're interested in exploring sustainable construction options or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (914)8935318 or [email protected]. Let's build a sustainable future together.

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